Regain training health when using reward-based training with your horse.

The pressure on equestrians to be kinder in their training means that more and more are turning to reward-based training methods, but does training with food equal better outcomes for our equines?

In this presentation equine behaviourist and trainer Trudi Dempsey looks at the signs that indicate when a horse is having a hard time training with food. She discusses why these problems may occur and how they can be resolved, sharing her experience of creating better outcomes for horses and their trainers.

Do you think you can't train your horse with food? Do you struggle to understand why your horse ‘mugs’ you when you carry food no matter how careful your timing is? Trudi will show you techniques that answer these questions and more. 

This lecture is aimed at horse owners, students and equestrian professionals interested in learning about how horses learn and training. You don't need any prior knowledge about horse behaviour to watch this presentation.

Once enrolled you have 60 days to watch the lecture.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CEU)

  • Course Contents

    1 x video lesson and 1 x CPD/CEU quiz

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    1 Hour plus quiz

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    You can download a personalised CPD/CEU certificate after completing the quiz.

Learn how to resolve problems when training horses with food


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Your Instructor


Trudi is a certified horse behaviour consultant with the IAABC and an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Training and Behaviour Council. Trudi has been offering her own unique blend of classical dressage and positive reinforcement as Creative Equine training since the ’90s. She is an experienced gymnastic groundwork coach and specialises in bitless training. For the last 10 years, Trudi has written and judged the Baroque dressage classes at Interdressage and offered online training to international clients. She presents clinics, talks and workshops in person throughout the UK and webinars and courses online around the world.