Do you wish your horse would come to you whenever you want?

Difficulty catching your horse is a common problem for many horse owners.  This can be especially challenging if the horse is distracted, anxious or in a different environment.

In this webinar equine trainer and behaviour consultant Trudi Dempsey explains why horses may be difficult to catch, and how you can train your horse to reliably come back to you, time after time.

You will learn how to:

• Understand reasons that horses might not want to be caught/recall

• Recognise and interpret body language around catching and recall

• Build trust through positive interactions

• Train a behaviour from start to finish

• Break down your training goal into achievable steps

• Develop patterns that change unwanted behaviour

• Apply basic learning theory in training

• Harness the power of association

• Progress to different environments

• Train around distractions

• Use advanced applications like ‘head up’ from grazing

• Set yourself and your horse up to succeed

• Problem solve

After the presentation, Trudi answered questions from the audience.

This presentation is for horse owners, students, equine professionals interested in horse training and behaviour.

Once enrolled you have 60 days to watch this recording.

Who is this course for?




Continuing Professional Development (CPD/CEU)

  • Course Contents

    1 x webinar recording and 1 x CPD/CEU quiz

  • Course Duration

    1.5 Hours

  • Certificate of Completion

    You can download a personalised CPD/CEU certificate after watching the webinar and completing the quiz.

  • BHS

    This course has been approved for 1 CPD point for BHS Accredited Professional Coaches by the British Horse Society. Upon course completion APCs can log their points by completing the CPD Feedback form on the BHS website.

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    This course has been approved for 1.5 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by the Karen Pryor Association (KPA). Once you have completed the course you can contact us for an event code, then email both code and CEU certificate to the KPA.


    This course has been approved for 1.5 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). You will need to request an IAABC CEU certificate directly from us, so please get in touch once you have completed the course and quiz.

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Train your horse to come to you reliably in any environment

Your Instructors


Trudi is a certified horse behaviour consultant with the IAABC and an Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Training and Behaviour Council. Trudi has been offering her own unique blend of classical dressage and positive reinforcement as Creative Equine training since the ’90s. She is an experienced gymnastic groundwork coach and specialises in bitless training. For the last 10 years, Trudi has written and judged the Baroque dressage classes at Interdressage and offered online training to international clients. She presents clinics, talks and workshops in person throughout the UK and webinars and courses online around the world.


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