Would you like to learn about affiliative behaviours in wild horses?

Modern studies of feral horses are focusing more on the affiliative relationships between band members. But, in domestic settings it can sometimes be difficult to parse out affiliative behaviours when restricted resources increase conflict.

In this presentation equine behaviour consultant and ethologist Samantha Couper shares her stunning films of the Onaqui wild horses in Utah. She examines the affiliative behaviours of wild horses, giving special attention to conflict and, more importantly, how is the conflict ended?

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Learn more about affiliative behaviours in wild horses

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Sam has been cataloguing and recording observations of feral horses since 2018. She is board chair of the Onaqui Catalogue Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to compiling observations on the Onaqui wild horses using citizen science. In particular, she is passionate about breaking down barriers surrounding scientific observation and interpretation for both professionals and laymen. To bring wild horses to the public, she teaches a course on wild horse behaviour at the University of Utah (USA). In particular, she is interested in how management, climate, and predation histories interact to affect horse heterarchies and band formation strategies. Sam is a member of IAABC and is working towards becoming a full time equine behaviour consultant, where she plans to integrate feral horse research and personal observations to aid owners with removed feral horses adapting to domestic settings.